She acts foolishly sometimes, forgets her priorities, falls into this pit…into blindness because she met him.

He was in hell, in despair. He met her, she changed his world and continues to. He’s starting to love her back…just in time to say goodbye…but only for a little while. They will be together again soon❤️


No more…. No more could this golden haired beauty’s heart survive anymore bad news. She sat on the pavement of the street,near the hospital as she tried to remember when she saw her friend last. A year had gone by.Due to hard decisions she’s had to make, memories and adventures they had shared together would from this day on, only exist in her memories.

( in loving memory of jack norashkharia n)

Spur of the moment 

  He stood there in the dark of the night, looking out at the beauty around him. He’s a troubled soul like any other, reliving the things he had done and the decisions he had once made. As he smoked his cigarette, listened to the world around him, he knew he would never fall into the darkness again. He would, from that night on, choose to be happy.